An expert

Technologie Inovaweld was created in 2010 by three (3) trained engineers with over 80 years of experience and expertise in the industrial market 

When they decided to produce laser-welded stainless steel barrels, several people doubted this possibility given the high precision that the components must have. Not to forget that this type of welding does not have any material input to fill the gap. Laser welding is a fusion of two (2) components only by the power of a laser which results in very high quality and very mechanically resistant assembly.

The challenge was met brilliantly and thanks to a team determined to achieve a common goal. It wasn’t always easy but it is true to say that their efforts always pay off with time.

They knew that robotization was the future and they wanted to be ready for a shortage of labor to come without forgetting the aggressiveness of emerging countries concerning selling prices, often below our standards.