A motivated
and involved team

Technologyie Inovaweld is fortunate to have a multi-disciplinary team of passionate people whose first priority is the quality of products and the satisfaction of our customers who are considered above all as business partners

Our primary goal is to offer products and services that meet their expectations at the best possible price, because the long-term relationship is very important in our company.

Our team members know that offering an exceptional product will ensure that our customers will come back and especially talk about it, which has allowed us to become a leader in the manufacture and supply of welded stainless steel containers (barrels).

The services offered by Inovaweld Technology and its team are summarized in the following letters:

Q: Quality
Q: Quantity
C: Costs
D: Deadlines

The respect of these four (4) objectives is essential for Inovaweld Technology and be guaranteed that we work very hard to respect this commitment to our partners and customers.