Technologie Inovaweld is proud to offer a range of stainless steel barrels also known as barrels specifically for WINE & CIDER markets.

Our drums are all made of premium quality, food grade stainless steel to maintain the integrity of the stored wine and provide optimal longevity. 

Our barrels can be used either for fermentation, maturation, aging, storage as well as for transporting wine between the vineyard and the bottling plant and/or when sold to customers wishing to bottle the wine.

They are also used to fill oak barrels (when evaporation) commonly called “topping” as well as to store excess wine that cannot fill the last oak barrel, also called “leftover”.

Stainless steel is a material that will allows the grape variety to express itself without the influence of wood to create fresh and crunchy wines. Here are some points that will make you think about the benefits of using our stainless steel barrels:

  • Production of oak-free wines also called “unoaked”
  • Customization of your wines with a mixture of different origins of oaks and different aromas that could be compared to an herbal tea from which the expression used: “The Secret is in the Barrel”
  • Substantial savings on drum cleaning and maintenance
  • An oak barrel with a shelf life before being characterized as a “neutral cask”, that is to say it does not transfer more flavor to the wine. We normally talk about 4 to 5 uses. A stainless steel barrel is reusable and will allow the winemaker to make significant savings over the years
  • Experimentation with limited volume productions
  • Compatible with most barrel holders available on the market
  • LASER customization of your barrels with the LOGO of your vineyard (Additional fees may apply)

Our full range of barrels will certainly meet some of your needs and allow you to stand out with unique and personalized wines.

Our large distribution network allows us to cover maple syrup territory no matter where you are. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out about our partners who can offer you our products all year round, regardless of the desired quantities

“The price of a bottle of wine is tied to what the consumer is willing to pay for what he might consider a good wine…”